Steven Tackeff is a master of catching "the moment. "From the years 1997 - 2006 Steven has devoted much of his life to shooting live music events. Having photographed well over 400 national acts in concert, there isn't a photographer who can match his live catalog. In addition to straight up concert photography, Steven has worked as an official photographer for The Grammys, MTV ( New Year's 2000-01and MTV 20), VH-1, Open House Party (the largest live syndicated pop radio show in the country), Rolling Stone, Several daily newspapers and many major radio shows. Steven has photographed classic rockers, pop divas, country legends, and rising stars ranging from Britney Spears and Pink to Garth Brooks, The Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen. Steven has also shot much of the Hip Hop favorites. Steven is available for assignment. "Steven's pictures capture not only the essence of the shows he shoots, but the feelings each member of the audience felt in that room on that night. "You don't need an editor to tell you how good Steven Tackeff's photos are, all you need is right there on your face. "Steve has an uncanny ability for getting the unique shot. But when Steven Tackeff starts showing off his concert photography we have to step back and wonder."-